1500 Litre Tank

Why the 1500 Litre tank Stands Out

1500 Litre tank

The 2500 Litre Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank, a robust and advanced solution for substantial industrial cleaning requirements. This tank is designed to offer exceptional capacity and state-of-the-art features, making it ideal for a wide range of demanding cleaning applications.

The 2500 Litre Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank is particularly suitable for:

Heavy Industrial Applications: Ideal for cleaning large industrial components, machinery parts, and tools in heavy machinery, manufacturing, and large-scale industrial operations.

Automotive and Aerospace Industries: Perfect for automotive factories and aerospace maintenance centers, where large parts require thorough and efficient cleaning.

Marine Industry: Suitable for cleaning and maintaining large marine equipment and parts, where precision and thorough cleaning are paramount.

Large Manufacturing Facilities: The tank’s capacity and efficiency make it a valuable asset for facilities that regularly handle extensive cleaning tasks.

Key Features of the 2500 Litre Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank

Large Capacity and Mobility: The 2500-litre capacity of this tank makes it perfect for handling large volumes and sizable items. Mounted on castors, it provides ease of movement and flexibility within various industrial settings.

Durable Construction: The tank is constructed with a 316 stainless steel inner tank, known for its durability and corrosion resistance. The outer skin is made of 304 stainless steel with a mirror finish, ensuring strength and a professional appearance.

Advanced Ultrasonic Power: Equipped with a remote generator with power control times 7, the tank delivers efficient and thorough ultrasonic cleaning, suitable for intensive industrial use.

Precise Heating and Timer Control: It features a 3-phase stainless steel pump and heater control system, capable of heating up to 90 degrees Celsius. The integrated timer control allows for precise management of the cleaning process.

Effective Filtration System: The tank includes twin catch cans and a 304 stainless steel bag filter, enhancing the cleaning process and maintaining the quality of the cleaning fluid.

Designed for Industrial Environments: The tank’s design focuses on operational efficiency and ease of use in industrial environments, making it a valuable asset for various sectors.


The 2500 Litre Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank from Ultrasonics Engineering represents a significant advancement in industrial cleaning technology. Its combination of large capacity, advanced features, and efficient cleaning capabilities make it an excellent choice for businesses and industries that require a robust and effective solution for their large-scale cleaning needs.



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