80/100 litre tank

Why the 80/100 Litre Tank Stands Out

80/100 Litre

Ultrasonics Engineering’s new 80/100 litre ultrasonic cleaning tank is a versatile and efficient solution for a range of industries. Its unique features make it particularly suitable for specific cleaning needs, offering both quality and convenience.

The 80/100 litre tank is designed with mobility in mind, featuring castors for easy movement. This makes it an ideal choice for environments where space is limited or where the tank needs to be moved frequently. Its heavy-duty inner cradle and support platform can comfortably hold up to 50 kilos, accommodating a variety of items for cleaning.

Constructed with a 316 stainless steel inner tank and a mirror-finished outer 304 skin, the tank is not only durable but also resistant to corrosion, ensuring longevity and reliability. The heater control allows temperatures up to 90 degrees, and the digital timer offers precise control over cleaning durations, enhancing the effectiveness of the cleaning process. Additionally, the tank’s design includes a remote generator with power control, tailored to specific cleaning requirements, though it does not include a pump or filter.

Industries Benefiting from the 80/100 Litre Tank

This ultrasonic cleaning tank is ideal for several industries:

1.  Automotive and Mechanical Workshops: It’s perfect for cleaning engine parts and other mechanical components, with its size being particularly suitable for small to medium-sized parts.

2. Medical and Laboratory Environments:

The tank’s precision and cleanliness are ideal for sterilizing medical instruments and laboratory equipment.

3. Manufacturing and Engineering Firms:

These industries can utilize the tank for cleaning machined parts, electronic components, and other hardware, ensuring precision and cleanliness.

4. Marine and Aviation Maintenance: The tank’s size and efficiency make it suitable for maintaining smaller parts in boats and aircraft.

Recent Sales and Clientele

Ultrasonics Engineering has a history of supplying a variety of ultrasonic cleaning tanks to a diverse range of clients, indicating the broad applicability and demand for these products. Some of the notable clients include automotive repair shops like Tom Moss Auto Repairs, educational institutions such as Monash University, and medical facilities like South Tweed Hospital. Other significant clients encompass engineering services, manufacturing companies, and even the Royal Australian Navy, showcasing the tank’s versatility across different sectors.

While the specific sales data for the 80/100 litre tank is not detailed, the range of clients and the variety of tank sizes previously sold reflect the widespread utility and effectiveness of Ultrasonics Engineering’s products in meeting the diverse needs of various industries.