Recent Sales

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Tom Moss Auto Repairs - 3 Wayo Street, Gouldurn NSW 2580
Ask For Kell. 0248211102
New 400 Litre Ultrasonic Tank.

Serviced Head Exchange - Unit 6/31 Wentworth Street, Greenacre NSW 2190
New 400 Litre Ultrasonic Tank
Ask For Mark. 0296426266

Active Forklift Service - 3 Belconnon Cresent, Brendale QLD 4500.
Contact Bruce. 0732055500

Penrith Engine Services - Unit 3, 12 Robertson Place, Penrith NSW 2750
New 400 Litre Tank
Speak To Ralph. 0247316302

54 Litre unit

Monash University

54 Litre unit

South Tweed Hospital

54 Litre unit

Hornsby Cycles

54 Litre unit

Rural & region diesel service

54 Litre unit

Rheem Australia Pty Ltd

New 350 Litre Tank

Engine action - Echuca

New 350 litre Tank

Unlimited Head Jobs - Ashfield NSW 2131

New 350 Litre Tank Customer B - Hydraulics service Newcastle
New 200 Litre Tank

Genalysis Pty Ltd - 15 Madison Street, Maddiington WA 6109

New 350 Litre Tank

SMS Diesel Spares - 11 Parramatta Road, Lidcombe NSW 2141

New 350 Litre Tank

Redcliff cylinder heads

New 350 Litre Tank

Head Exchange - Sirling Street, Perth WA 6000

New 600 Litre Tank


New 4500 Litre Tank Electricity Sub Station/South east Asia
New 54  Litre Tank

New 350 Litre Tank Watsons Specialisized Tooling [Qld]
New 350 Litre Tank Watson Specialized Tooling [NSW]
New 400 Litre Tank


New 220 litre Tank & 52 Litre Tank

Rays engine service. NZ Precision Repetition engineering [VIC] Morris Machinery
New 400 Litre Tank

New 2500 Litre Tank

Fluid Dynamics Pty Ltd.

New 4500 Litre Tank Electricity sub station [SEA]
New 400 Litre Tank

New 400 Litre Tank

New 220 Litre Tank Scandinavian Aerospace & Industry AB
New 2500 Litre Tank Electricity Sub Station [SEA]
New 400 Litre Tank The WRIGLEY COMPANY
New 220 Litre Tank

New 220 Litre Tank

New 400 Litre Tank CFN Recond
New 200 Litre Tank Sheppards Diesel Service
New 200 Litre Tank Doyle & Shields Pty Ltd
New 400 Litre Tank ITT Industrial Process
New 200 Litre Tank Hamilton Engineering
New 54 Litre tank Dolton Engineering
New 400 Litre Tank Dolton Engineering
New 220 Litre Tank

New 400 Litre Tank

New 400 Litre Tank


New 54 Litre Tank Dressage Engineering
New 2500 Litre Tank Road
New 3000 Litre tank Australian Lamb
New 400 Litre Tank Dolten Engineering
 New 400 Tank Roads and Maritime NSW
New 54 Litre tank Beard Brothers Motorcycles
New 260 Litre Tank Coopers Beer
New 400 Litre tank Dolton Engineering
New 400 Ltre Lendlease Australia
New 88 Litre

New 400 Litre Consolidated Diesel WA
New 650 Litre Dolton Engineering
New 750 Litre FMP Group
New 750 Litre FMP Group
New 400 Litre Hunter Vally Filters
New 570 Litre RMS NSW
New 450 Litre Gold Coast Filter Cleaning
New 4500 Litre Electricity Sub Station SE Asia.
New 3500 Litre Electricity Sub Station SE Asia
New 54 Litre LAB
New 100 Litre Brakes SA
New 400 Tank Custom Fabrications NSW
New 570 Litre Tank Chevron
New 570 Litre Tank KDR Services Tas
New 400 Litre Tank RO Building Supplies Vic
New 100 Litre tank Brakes SA
New 400 Litre Tank WA
New 80 Litre Tank Seasons Garage Doors
New 5000 Litre Tank Design in progress
New 600 Litre Tank 2 Pending
New 80 Litre Tank Brakes NSW
New 400 Litre Tank On Order
New 110 Litre Tank Bike Restoration NSW
New 650 Litre Tank Filters NSW
New 650 Litre tank Ventilation NSW
New 160 Litre tank Sindaco Brakes NSW
New 80 Litre Tank Brakes NSW
New 110 Litre Tank Melbourne
New 100 Litre Tank Auto Electrician Mid North Coast
New 100 Litre Tank Restorations Hornsby NSW
New 5000 Litre Tank Electrical Substation SE Asia
New 580 Litre Tank Ultratune WA
New 400 Litre Tank In Progress
New 100 Litre Tank Maxitrans Victoria
New 250 Litre Tank Engineering Maroota
New 160 Litre Tank Australian Paper
New 220 Litre Tank Car Restoration Queensland
470 Litre Tank Truck repairs Redbank Qld
New 220 Litre Tank ANR Services
New 570L Tank Engine recondition WA
New 780L Tank Exhaust fabrication Victoria
New 950L Tank Hydraulics Geelong
New 100L tank Workshop Brisbane
New 750L Tank Technical College NSW
New 100L Tank Truck repair NSW
New 2200L Tank Victoria Mining
 New 100L Tank  EFI Brisbane
 New 180 L Tank  Restoration Albury
 New 400L Tank  Engineer Queensland
 New 750L Tank  Technical college NSW
 New 100L Tank  Rotary engine builder Sydney
 New 100L Tank  Earth Moving QLD
 New 570L Tank  Pending O/S
2 New Transducer Packs special build  Engineering Victoria
 New 750 L tank  Mechanical Business Sydney
 New 750 L Tank  Davids Auto repairs Wetherill Park
 New 370 L Tank  Mechanical Repair SE Queensland
 New 970 L Tank  Salmon Australia
 New 750 L Tank SE Queensland Mine
 New 570 L tank  Pending South Australia
 New 570 L Tank  Pending South Australia
 2nd Hand 150 L Tank  Filter Cleaning Sydney
 New 570 L Tank  Pending United Emirates
 New 100 L tank  Restoration SE Queensland
 New 230 L Tank  Restoration North Queensland
 New 180 L Tank  South Australia Workshop
 New 250 L Tank  Pending Sydney manufacture
 New 600L Tank  Sydney Restoration
 New 180L Tank  Specialized Machinery Services Queensland
 New 450L Tank  Transport NSW
 New 100L Tank  Australian Wines
 New 5000L Tank  Pending Indonesia
 New 180L Tank  Bursons South Australia
 New 750L Tank  Pending Victoria
 New 100L Tank  Engineering Sydney
 New 100L Tank  Engineering Wyong
 New 180L Tank  Restoration Brisbane
 New 750L Tank  Milk Manufacture Sydney
 New 100L Tank  Pending
 New 570L tank  Pending
 New 180L tank  Pending
 New 5000L tank  Pending O/S
 New 420L tank   Pending