Ultrasonic Cleaning Baths that actually work!

At Ultrasonics Engineering Pty Ltd, we’re not just another company in the industrial cleaning sector; we’re a trailblazer. Established as a new force in the realm of industrial-sized Ultrasonic Cleaning Baths, our mission is simple yet profound: to deliver cleaning solutions that work exceptionall

The leaders in Australia


Our ultrasonic cleaners are faster and safer. They save resources and minimise waste. No more exposure to dangerous chemicals. 

Clean quickly and efficiently all metal surfaces without using harsh dangerous chemicals.

About Ultrasonic Engineering

Australian-Made, Globally Unmatched

What sets us apart is our commitment to quality and efficiency, grounded in our Australian roots. Unlike many competitors who rely on outsourced manufacturing, every machine we offer is produced, created, and designed in Australia. This local production not only ensures superior quality control but also significantly reduces the costs and time associated with fixing and repairs. We’re proud to be the only company in the industry offering a full guarantee on our products, a testament to our confidence in their performance and durability.

Superior Quality Cleaning

Our journey in the ultrasonic cleaning industry is backed by years of experience and expertise. This wealth of knowledge is not just about creating machines; it’s about understanding the intricate needs of industrial cleaning and responding with innovative solutions. Our team’s deep-rooted experience is a cornerstone of our business, ensuring that every product we offer is not just a tool, but a solution crafted with wisdom and foresight.

Get Precision Cleaning

Better Cleaning technology represents better savings, and a more effective cleaning process

Save Time and Money

Find out how to save on labour & running costs and use safe bio chemicals for cleaning.

Reduce Hazards

Create a safer worksplace ad complete remove the issue of dealing with hazardous waste

Our Tanks

The size of industrial ultrasonic machine you require will depend on your appliation and the size of the objects to be treated. These are provided in the following size options -
The Smart Decision

Cost Efficiency: A New Paradigm in Cleaning

In today’s world, where operational costs are always a concern, Ultrasonics Engineering redefines cost efficiency. Our ultrasonic cleaning technology stands as a more economical alternative to traditional cleaning methods. By leveraging the power of ultrasonic cleaning, our machines significantly reduce electricity costs, eliminate the need for expensive chemicals, and minimize labor expenses. This efficiency is not just about saving money; it’s about a smarter, more sustainable approach to industrial cleaning.