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About Ultrasonics Engineering Pty Ltd

Pioneering company in the field of industrial ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonics Engineering Pty Ltd, a , has been established to revolutionize the industry with its high-functioning ultrasonic cleaning baths.


Recognizing the gap in the market where many businesses overpromise and underdeliver, Ultrasonics Engineering stands out by offering live demonstrations of their machines’ capabilities in real-world environments, such as workshops.

For over two decades, the company has observed the industry’s shortcomings, particularly the inefficiency of machines sold online without proper validation of their effectiveness.


Ultrasonics Engineering addresses these issues head-on by ensuring that their machines are not only effective but also reliable and backed by solid customer support. This includes providing spare parts and service, which are often lacking in imported machines.

The founder of Ultrasonics Engineering envisioned a cleaning bath that could accommodate large Australian cylinder heads and powerfully clean stubborn carbon build-ups on various engine parts within 20 to 30 minutes, using a safe, food-grade ultrasonic cleaning fluid.


The company also aimed to offer a biochemical cleaning solution that is effective on both alloy and cast iron, lasting up to eight months and ensuring easy and cost-effective disposal.

Ultrasonics Engineering’s innovative approach has nearly eliminated the need for traditional cleaning methods like caustic baths, acid tanks, and various forms of blasting. Their machines include a large fluid transfer pump and lines made of stainless steel, an external industrial-size stainless bag filter, and two oil catches with spray bars to enhance the cleaning process. Additionally, a full heating system was integrated to quickly heat the bath, maintaining efficiency and ease of use.

The company’s commitment extends beyond just selling machines; they are dedicated to demonstrating their effectiveness in any workshop, at any time. Ultrasonics Engineering has also established a robust distributor network, reflecting their passion for quality and customer service.

For more information or inquiries, Ultrasonics Engineering Pty Ltd can be contacted directly, ensuring a personal and professional response to all customer needs.