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Introduction to the FAQ Section for Ultrasonics Engineering

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of Ultrasonics Engineering. Here, we aim to provide clear and concise answers to the most common queries you might have about our ultrasonic cleaning solutions and services. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a long-time client, this section is designed to enhance your understanding of our products and assist you in making informed decisions.

Our FAQ covers a range of topics, from general inquiries about our products and services to specific questions about ultrasonic cleaning technology. You’ll find information on how to contact us, our opening hours, refund policy, and details about the unique benefits of choosing an ultrasonic bath from us. Additionally, we address questions about our product range, the solutions we offer, and where to find customer testimonials.

This section is not just a resource for answers but also a reflection of our commitment to transparency and customer support. We understand that choosing the right ultrasonic cleaning solution is crucial for your business, and we’re here to help you every step of the way. So, dive in and discover how Ultrasonics Engineering can meet your cleaning needs with efficiency, safety, and precision.

This introduction provides a welcoming and informative entry point to the FAQ section, highlighting the range of topics covered and emphasizing the company’s commitment to customer support and transparency.

FAQ About Ultrasonic Engineering

Peter Cochrane.
Ring the office on 61428407748-0428407748 and ask for Peter.
Should you have any problem my personal phone lines are open 7am to 9pm for detailed instructions.
We have a complete range of spare parts in Generators/Pumps and fluids.
Should you have a specific question regarding fluids or metals that need cleaned dont hesitate to ring after all this is my business.
Peter Cochrane

I recommend to anyone who is considering the purchuse of a ultrasonic leaner to test clean before you buy.
We have machines in each state and would gladly recommend you to go down and see for yourself the results of the cleaning effect in our baths.
For far to long manufacturers have been saying there machines are the latest and greatest but refuse to do a practical demonstration.They have great movies all over the net but cant produce when you need it.
Please ring for a installed machine in your area and go and see for yourself.
You will be more than happy with the results I assure you.
Please ring me on 0428407748 and I can arrange this for you.
Dont be fooled into buying something that that does not work.Seen it happen to many times.

Monday to Saturday 7am to 9pm.
Peter Cochrane

All machines come with a detailed 12 month unlimited warranty on electronics and pumps/Heaters.
The use of any other unspecified cleaning fluid will void all warranty conditions.

We offer at present 5 large cleaning Baths for large industrial applications.
We also offer small baths from cleaning Petrol fuel Injectors to Diesal pumps complete
Specific built baths can be built to any spec after full consultation with client regarding power outputs and size etc.
Please ring for a chat regarding your new Ultrasonic Bath request.

Our Bath comes complete when delivered.Plug and play/ all fluids to last 12 months.
Alloys and Cast iron can be cleaned in one fluid without the risk of damage to all metals.
Please ring for a close already installed machine in all states and you will see the amazing cleaning result in 20 minutes.
Test before you buy.

I have no hestitaion to put any bath made worldwide side by side and to see the superior cleaning action of our baths.
While manufactures are going the cheap and using cheap ceremic disc trasducers that break off and last 1 year we have always used the best quality Peizo Electric ceramic billett transducers for quality and long lasting.The vast difference in power and quality is second to none.
Match this with pulse sweep technogology of triggering the transducers and the cleaning effect is way ahead of any other cleaning bath on the market.
Test before you buy I would always suggest.