600 litre tank

600 Litre Tank Stands Out

600 Litre Tank

Introducing the 600 Litre Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank from Ultrasonics Engineering, a large-scale, high-capacity solution designed for intensive industrial cleaning requirements. This tank combines size, power, and advanced technology to deliver exceptional cleaning performance for a variety of applications.

The 600 Litre Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank from Ultrasonics Engineering is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing high-quality, efficient, and reliable industrial cleaning solutions. Its large capacity, combined with advanced features, makes it an ideal choice for industries and businesses that require a robust and effective cleaning solution for large-scale operations.

Features of the 600 Litre Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank

–  Large Capacity and Mobility : The tank has a significant 600-litre capacity, ideal for handling large volumes or sizable items. Mounted on castors, it offers ease of movement within the workspace.

– Quality Construction: The inner tank is crafted from 316 stainless steel, known for its durability and resistance to corrosion, while the outer skin boasts a mirror-finished 304 stainless steel, providing both robustness and a sleek appearance.

– Advanced Power Control: Equipped with remote generators, each with power control, the tank ensures precise and efficient ultrasonic cleaning. The inclusion of three such units underscores its capability to handle extensive cleaning tasks.

– Heating and Timer Features: The tank includes a 3-phase stainless steel pump and heater control, capable of reaching up to 90 degrees. The integrated timer control allows for precise management of the cleaning process.

– Effective Filtration System: Twin catch cans and a 304 stainless steel bag filter are incorporated into the design, enhancing the cleaning process and ensuring the longevity and quality of the cleaning fluid.

– Noise Reduction and Safety: The design focuses on reducing operational noise, making it suitable for environments where noise levels are a concern. Safety features are integrated to ensure secure and reliable operation.

Ideal Applications

The 600 Litre Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank is particularly suitable for:

– Industrial Manufacturing: For cleaning large components, tools, and machinery parts used in various manufacturing sectors.

– Automotive and Heavy Machinery: Ideal for thorough cleaning of large automotive parts, including engine components and heavy machinery parts.

– Aerospace and Marine Maintenance**: Suitable for the maintenance of large parts in aircraft and marine vessels, where precision and thorough cleaning are paramount.

– Large Workshops and Facilities: The tank’s size and capacity make it a perfect fit for workshops and facilities that regularly handle large-scale cleaning tasks.